O.B. Whaley Elementary


Our Mission

The mission of O.B. Whaley is to provide a challenging educational environment that allows all students to develop their ability to communicate effectively, think critically, analyze, problem solve, and apply what is learned in a technical and global world. A meaningful and effective education shall involve students in a planned program filled with active learning. Excellence shall permeate all learning and shall be reflected in all curricular areas.

Administration and faculty shall strive for professional excellence by staying current with state guidelines. We shall sustain accountability by continuously measuring our achievement against the district's high standards and our established yearly goals. School leaders shall provide staff access to the best thinking about curriculum and instruction through extensive staff development activities and inspire them through a collaborative environment to analyze and implement strategies that allow all students to reach their maximum physical and intellectual potential. A primary premise shall be that all students can and will be successful learners. By working with educational support services, emphasizing learning styles, and simultaneously involving parents in the process of educating their children, we shall strive for all students to experience success the first time around. Student success shall be measured by student performance. Students not achieving grade level proficiency will be identified early and offered assistance with early intervention and a program of accelerated learning.

We shall seek to give children a caring environment that maximizes self-esteem and inspires children’s intrinsic desire to learn. We shall use the Discipline with Dignity plan to promote student’s ethical behavior, responsibility for self and concern for others. The Whaley staff believes and expects that all students can and will behave in a reasonable manner to assure an optimum learning environment. Children shall feel valued for their unique talents and recognition shall be given when students have achieved academic and civic milestones. Above all, our environment shall be safe.

O.B. Whaley shall provide opportunities for parent and community collaboration that allows them involvement in the decision making process. We will provide educational opportunities that promote life-long learning for students and their families. We will welcome and encourage our families and community to embrace the value and responsibility of education to make every child’s learning experience a successful one.

O.B. Whaley leaders shall inspire staff, parents and students to accomplish our mission through open communication, opportunities for everyone to be heard, their ideas respected, and responsiveness to individual concern. The resulting environment shall be one that celebrates divserity and provides everyone with a sense of satisfaction, well being, academic and social success.