O.B. Whaley Elementary

Dress Code

Dress Code

At O.B. Whaley Elementary School we assume that the business at hand is education, and as such students should be modestly dressed. Students are strongly encouraged to adopt the O.B. Whaley uniform – navy blue pants/skirts and white, blue, or gray polo shirts (see below).


We ask parents to monitorstudent attire. For students who choose not to adopt the uniform, here are a few guidelines:
• No halter tops, backless tops, spaghetti straps or tops that expose the belly. Shirts must be of the appropriate length. No short tops or tall tees.
• No slippers such as corduroy, house slippers, or flip flops. Shoes must be closed-toed.
• Hats are allowed outside and if worn facing the front. All hats and hoods should be removed when indoors.
• No inappropriate logos are allowed. This includes anything profane, vulgar, or drug/gang/alcohol related. Examples are 408, Shark City, Scarface, etc.
• Shorts and skirts must be appropriate length (fingertip) even if tights or leggings are worn underneath.
• Pants must be worn at the waist. No “sagging”.
• In our efforts to keep kids safe and on track, we will monitor the colors of garments students wear. This refers to blue and red since, unfortunately, everybody is aware of the association and connotation of these colors. For that reason, clothing and accessories worn in a manner conveying gang affiliation are not permitted.
• Backpacks and notebooks should be kept clean and graffiti-free. In our efforts to curb graffiti permanent markets such as Sharpies are not permitted.
• The administration, working together with the staff, reserves the right to use discretion to deem other items inappropriate or disruptive to the learning process since fashion trends change with such regularity.
• Students inappropriately dressed for school will be asked to telephone parent/guardian to bring a change of clothes. If parent/guardian contact cannot be made, the student will stay in the office during recess times. Please label clothes with your child’s name.


The following recommendations are for all students in grades K-6. Although the dress standard is optional, our goal is to foster a positive self-image and pride in our school, and we are asking for the cooperation of all parents.

Girls: Navy blue skirts (street length, not tight) or navy blue or navy blue/gray plaid jumpers; navy blue slacks, walking shorts (must be longer than fingertip length), or sweat pants.

Boys: Navy blue trousers, walking shorts (must be longer than fingertip length), or sweat pants.

Boys and Girls: White, blue, or gray blouse or shirt with collar and buttons (polo shirts are very good). Navy blue, gray, or white socks. Plain navy blue sweat shirts and/or sweaters; red or navy blue sweatshirt with the school logo.

Tee shirts, tank tops and midriff blouses are not appropriate. Cutoffs and oversized pants or shirts are not allowed. The above items are available at Target, Mervyn's, Sear's, and Kettman's. However, they may be purchased anywhere as long as the colors are the same. If your child already has similar items, please feel free to use them. Please call the principal, Mr. Corpus, at 270-6759 if you have any questions or concerns.