O.B. Whaley Elementary

Homework Policy


As defined in Evergreen School District, homework is an integral part of each student's educational program. Homework is a reasonable extension of classroom assignments and varies according to the individual grade level, ability and need. Homework is reinforcement, not new learning. It supports the classroom activities and broadens the child's exposure to similar information.

Homework is important because it helps students learn better, teaches them to make decisions and exercise their judgment, improves grades, makes them better readers, reinforces topics covered in class, and most importantly, it encourages them to be responsible and self disciplined. Homework allows the parents to stay in touch with what their child is learning in class and it gives an opportunity to keep them informed as to what is going on in their child's class

To do homework successfully, your child must have a quiet place to work and concentrate. Children cannot do homework in a distracting environment. The homework environment needs to be conducive to studying and learning. The area should be comfortable and all of the necessary supplies should be at hand. Homework should also be done at the same time or close to the same time each day.